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Lifting the lid on Luna 2 and Luna Flow’s new approach and clinical benefits

With many composites on the market, switching to something new can feel like a leap of faith. Often, the benefits of competing composites are comparable too, which is why SDI has taken a different approach with Luna 2 and Luna Flow.

These new additions to SDI’s portfolio have been created by taking into account clinician feedback on common composite challenges. This included tackling issues such as slumping, crumbling, and polishing speed resulting in materials designed to make the procedure easier for clinicians and more comfortable for patients.

Where Luna 2 excels

Luna 2 RestorativeFor those already familiar with SDI Luna, Luna 2 is an advancement on this original formulation, but with some key differences. The most notable is the significantly increased radiopacity Luna 2 offers, at 250% AI compared to Luna’s 180%. In addition, Luna 2 contains fluoride, and the formulation is BPA (Bisphenol A) free, making it suitable for health-conscious patients.

Other standout improvements on the formula include an increased compressive strength, without compromising flexural strength, and its handling. Its strength and consistency have already been widely and positively reviewed by leading clinicians. As Dr Jatinder Heer reports in The Probe, “it’s unusual to find a successful composite for anterior and posterior, but Luna 2 has the load-bearing capabilities for restorations in the back of the mouth. This adds to the simplicity of your workflow.”

Polishing and shade matching were also identified as key challenges with universal composites, and these considerations formed part of the basis of the Luna 2 formulation. For this reason, Luna 2 uses the Vita shade guide as its base and has Logical Shade Matching Technology, effectively making it quicker to match shades accurately.

Superb aesthetics, which significantly reduce polishing time, enable streamlined workflows with reduced clinical time and outstanding results. Dr Linda Greenwall confirms, “‘the polishing is very quick. In the past, we used to spend hours polishing to get the lustre and the shape just right, but Luna 2 and Luna Flow are very shiny, just as we want.’

All this in a flowable with Luna Flow

SDI Luna FlowA flowable alternative to Luna 2, Luna Flow, can be used for a wide range of cases, from acting as a base, liner, for Class V restorations to being an option for provisional repairs. With two viscosities – Luna Flow and Luna Flow LV, there’s also the flexibility to select the right level of flow for each case.

The essential benefits of Luna Flow mirror those of Luna 2, including shade matching, ease of polishing, a high radiopacity, addition of fluoride and high strength. But the difference in both flowable formulations is the advanced fluid handling. This gives clinicians the ultimate solution for restoring small cavities and total control during these kinds of procedures.

In her recent article, Dr Linda Greenwall commented, “The ease of handling is a real timesaver and means less chair-time for patients. It sculpts nicely with the exact consistency needed, which is vital – there is no slumping, and the material stays where you put it.”

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