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SDI Radii Plus

Not just a powerful LED curing light

Curing? Whitening? Transilluminating? The Radii Plus does it all. The amazing transformation takes place with a simple pull and click of the LED attachment. It’s unique, easy to upgrade design, provides unlimited potential making it the best investment you will ever make!

High intensity – 1,500mW/cm2

The higher the intensity, the more the light penetrates to efficiently cure the restorative.

Simple to replace parts

Designed with snap-in or screw in connections, each part of the Radii Plus including the battery is easy to remove and replace.


The Radii Plus is a cordless unit allowing complete freedom of movement and total control.

No noisy fan

Unlike other LED lights, the Radii Plus does not require a fan. It uses heat sink technology to reduce the amount of heat emission.

Infection control

Perfectly fitted disposable barrier sleeves prevent cross contamination.


The Radii Plus does not need to be constantly recharged. Its can be used for 1200 ten second cures with just  one charge.

Built in radiometer

The Radii Plus’ built-in radiometer provides a simple test to ensure the functionality of the light.

Slimline design

The small tip and slimline design of the Radii Plus allows users to have easy access to the posterior area. This is particularly beneficial when treating children.

Rotatable head

The head of the Radii Plus can be easily turned 360º to what ever position required. Upper quadrants are simple to access.

Lightweight – 177g/6.2oz

The standard Radii Plus’ ergonomic and lightweight design minimizes user fatigue and maximizes comfort.