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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the aura ultra universal restorative system.

How easy is it to handle and work with aura nano-hybrid composites?

As advocated by Dental Advisor, aura nano-hybrid composites handle extremely well. The viscosity has sufficient body for packing without being too stiff. Sculpting anatomy can be done with no sticking of the instrument to the composite. The enamel shades are softer and waxier.

aura offers three enamel shades E1, E2 and E3. What’s the difference between them?

The choice of enamel shade is taken from the incisal edge of the neighbouring tooth.

  • E1: Young/bleached teeth – the whitest/lightest, high opalescence, low translucency, designed to emulate young enamel
  • E2: Adult teeth – neutral in colour, low opalescence, intermediate translucency, designed to replace adult enamel
  • E3: Senior teeth – yellow/grey, high translucency, designed to replace aged enamel

What gives aura its strength and stability?

aura combines a low-shrinkage resin composition with an ultra high density (UHD) filler that gives aura remarkably low 2.2% volumetric shrinkage. The unique morphology of the UHD filler provides an extremely high strength interface that can withstand high compressive forces whilst aura’s superior flexural strength means it is even more able to withstand the forces transmitted in the mouth.