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SDI Radii xpert

Professional LED Curing Light

Smarter design. Optimal cure every time.

Target assist precision curing

Radii Xpert’s unique target assist technology enables you to correctly position the light and be confident of the angulation before curing. A light source must be held close and perpendicular to a restoration to avoid incomplete polymerization1. By activating the positioning light and releasing once over the tooth, you can be sure that curing only begins when the light is in position and restorations will receive a complete cure. Ensure you are on target every time with Radii Xpert.

Collimated light

Radii Xpert is the ideal choice for restorations of all sizes, including bulk fill restorations that require a deep cure. The collimated beam ensures light intensity is maintained on the restoration being cured. Achieve a predictable cure, every time with Radii Xpert.

Smart technology for ease of use

Smart technology improves the efficiency of your dental appointment. A LCD display with countdown timer eliminates estimation and provides accuracy during a curing cycle.

Radii Xpert gives you the ability to save your favourite setting and the multi-coloured status rings offer a visual representation when you need to charge or when curing is in progress.

Ergonomically well-balanced grip

Radii Xpert’s ergonomic design allows you to comfortably access all restoration sites.

The 360-degree rotatable head enables restorations in all quadrants to be accessed easily.

Radii Xpert has a well-balanced slimline design and can be held in a pencil or pistol grip, minimising hand and arm fatigue.

“Your curing light is vitally important to your dentistry and your practice. You need several things in a curing light. The Radii Xpert by SDI has all of those things. It gives you functionality and flexibility for everyday use.”

Dr Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD. Dental Economics – United States – November 2020

Consistent light intensity

Radii Xpert has better performance due to the light intensity remaining consistent over clinically relevant distances. The consistent intensity ensures light will penetrate the underlying restorative with limited drop off, giving you the confidence of a full cure to the depth of a restoration.

Light comparison graph

Consistent beam profile

Restorations can be cured with the confidence of a uniform beam profile using Radii Xpert.  The beam delivers an even energy distribution, with reduced hot and cold spot variation.  The entire beam profile of a curing light is important to ensure restorations are cured evenly.

Consistent beam profile

Cures all composites

Radii Xpert will cure all commercially available composites without the need for a polywave light. The light intensity of 1500 mW/cm2* over a 4-mm aperture covers a wavelength range between 440 nm – 480 nm.  Radii Xpert delivers the right spectral distribution without the need for extended wavelengths, giving you a reliable cure for all composites, including those with Camphorquinone and Ivocerin®~.

Spectral Distribution Graph

Enhanced heat management

Restorations can be cured safely with Radii Xpert. Heat sink technology is  incorporated to reduce the amount of heat emission. Enhanced heat management prevents damage to pulp tissue that can be caused by excess heat3. You can conveniently cure multiple restorations without the risk of overheating the unit. The absence of excess heat also helps to  maintain the life of the LED.

Base with intensity indicator

Radii Xpert’s built-in intensity indicator allows light intensity to be monitored easily, without the need to purchase an additional hand held meter to assess relative change in output. Routine evaluation of a curing light is important for optimal operation2.

Pulse technology

Radii Xpert uses a combination of pulse technology and steady current to further reduce heat emitted onto the tooth. With multiple pulses per second, light output is maintained on the restoration being cured, without the risk of overheating.

Interchangeable attachments

Radii Xpert offers versatility with the availability of full arch bleaching, diagnostic and orthodontic attachments that snap in with ease.

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Ivocerin® is not a registered trademark of SDI Ltd

*The irradiance as measured using a 4-mm diameter sensor that is centred