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Assorted Points

SDI Points

Points disposable brush applicators are used to quickly transfer small amounts of materials into difficult to reach areas. Points are resistant to common solvents in dental materials.

Solvent resistant fibres

The fibre tips are resistant to harsh environments and solvents.

Non-absorbent, non-linting fibers

The fibers will not dislodge during the procedure. The solution is suspended in the fibers until applied.

Choice of colours

The various colours are ideal for colour coding multistep procedures

Soft flexible material

Points can be bent for maximum accessibility.

Three sizes

The three sizes of Points, superfine, fine and medium, enable one to pick up different drop sizes.

points sizes

Points Dispenser


  • Sealant application
  • Placing bonding agents
  • Applying etchants
  • Placing cavity liners
  • Styptic and disclosing solutions
  • Mop up excess resin
  • Condensing calcium hydroxide in root canals