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SDI Riva Cem Automix BPA Free

riva cem automix

Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

Superior bond, high strength and less waste.

Superior Bond Strength

Superior Bond Strength

Light Tack Cure for Easy Removal of Excess Cement

Light Tack Cure for Easy Removal of Excess Cement

Sustained Fluoride Release

Sustained Fluoride Release

Revolutionary ionglassTM Technology

Riva Cem Automix features SDI’s revolutionary ionglassTM technology. This unique blend of different sized reactive glass particles harnesses ion-release to cross-link polycarboxylic acid chains. This focused ion release gives Riva Cem Automix a clinically higher strength, superior bond and more stable aesthetic properties. 

Riva Cem Automix is a self-curing, radiopaque, fluoride releasing paste/paste resin modified glass-ionomer luting cement. It is indicated for the permanent cementation of metal and ceramic restorations. The automix tip attachment offers convenience over traditional hand mixed cement systems. 

Revolutionary ionglass Technology

Superior Bond Strength

Reliable adhesion to tooth structure is important for long term retention of cement restorations. Riva Cem Automix shows excellent bond strength to enamel and dentine in an external study conducted over a 6 month period. (Fig 1) 

Enamel & dentine – bond strength after 6 months

riva cem automix fig1

Study: In vitro properties of different resin-modified glass-ionomer cements Prof. Dr. Alessandro Loguercio and Alessandra Reis (Brazil)

Highest Flexural Strength

A high flexural strength enhances the longevity of a cement restoration by better withstanding mastication forces. Riva Cem Automix has high flexural strength which increases its durability in the oral environment. (Fig 2)

Flexural Strength (MPa)

riva cem automix fig2

Riva Cem Automix Clinical Case

Dr Yassine Harichane

Photos courtesy:
Dr Yassine Harichane (FRANCE) 

Initial presentation

1. Initial presentation.

showing ideal consistency after extrusion

2. Riva Cem Automix showing ideal consistency after extrusion.

Seat the zirconia crown

3. Seat the zirconia crown.
Excess cement removed easily by light tack cure.

Final restoration

4. Final restoration.

Less Cement Waste

Riva Cem Automix offers more tips than any other leading cement. Each supplied tip has less waste than other cements, providing you with more material for more patients. (Fig 3)

Easy Removal of Excess Cement

Riva Cem Automix has a light tack cure option for easy removal of excess cement. Simply light tack cure any excess material for 5 seconds with an LED curing light. Then gently remove excess material. Alternatively, excess material can be removed after the self curing phase (1 min 30 seconds). 

Cement tip waste comparison

Cement tip waste comparison

The Best Long Term Aesthetics

Colour changes within luting materials can clinically affect the aesthetic appearance of a prosthesis. It is important to choose a dental cement which has the least colour change over time. External tests have confirmed that after 6 months of water storage, Riva Cem Automix has the best in class colour stability. 

Cement colour change over time

Cement colour change over time

Indications for Use

Ceramics (high strength)1
Ceramics (low strength)1,2

Crowns & bridges
Crown, bridges, inlays, & onlays, orthodontic appliances & posts
Crowns & bridges, inlays & onlays

1 High strength ceramics, e.g. Zirconia
2 Low strength ceramics, e.g. Feldspathic Porcelains, Glass Ceramics