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SDI Radii-cal

Light on weight, radically powerful


Radii-cal’s ergonomic and lightweight design minimizes fatigue and maximizes comfort. The handpiece weighs just 144g / 5.1oz.


The Radii-cal is a cordless unit allowing complete freedom of movement and total control. Save time and frustration with the cordless Radii-cal.

Ramp up mode

During the first 5 seconds, the Radii-cal’s light output power gradually increases. This ‘soft-start polymerization minimizes stress at the restoration-enamel/dentin junction and reduces marginal gaps in the restoration.

Built in radiometer

The Radii-cal’s built in radiometer provides a simple test to ensure the functionality of the light.

Easy to clean

The smooth gloss finish ensures no bacteria can collect on the surface making it fast and easy to clean.

High intensity

The higher the intensity, the more the light penetrates to cure the underlying restorative, thus achieving a higher depth of cure. The Radii-cal has an extremely high intensity of 1200mW/cm2. Cure your restorative knowing you will have maximum power.

No noisy fan

Unlike many other LED lights, the Radii-cal does not require a fan. It uses heat sink technology to reduce the amount of heat emission. Furthermore, using a combination of pulse technology and steady current, the Radii-cal can achieve a higher light output without generating excess heat.

Depth of cure

The greater the depth of cure, the more complete the curing of the restoration. This ensures optimum physical properties of the restorative and increases the longevity of the restoration. Feel confident knowing you will achieve the highest depth of cure.

Efficient energy use

The light emitted by the Radii-cal corresponds to the maximum absorbance of camphorquinone ensuring efficient curing of most light cured restoratives.


The Radii-cal does not need to be constantly recharged. A fully charged Radii-cal allows you 1200 ten second cures before you need to recharge again.

Removeable battery pack

The battery pack simply unscrews from the Radii-cal unit and can be replaced.

2 year warranty

The Radii-cal’s robust and reliable construction assures your purchase is a long lasting investment.