The glass ionomer restorative with true aesthetics

Riva Light Cure HV is a radiopaque, resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative material that chemically bonds to the tooth structure, while offering the aesthetics of a composite. With excellent tooth adhesion, sustained fluoride release to assist with remineralisation of the natural dentition, high compressive strength and command set, Riva Light Cure is useful for a wide range of restorative applications.

Riva Light Cure is the answer to long-term microleakage prevention, use it as a restorative or a base under permanent restorations. It can be manipulated immediately after mixing, making it a very sculptable material that does not stick to instruments. Riva Light Cure’s high flexural strength ensures reduced cracking and failure in flexion, making it the ideal choice especially for Cervical (Class V) restorations.



Riva Light Cure capsules with easy activation technology.

SDI technology makes it 70% easier to press down to activate Riva capsules. This SDI Australian innovation makes restorations faster and easier than ever before.

In addition to easier activation, the Easy Activation technology delivers improved extrusion control. Easy activation capsules are 70% easier to extrude than glass hybrid and glass ionomer capsules from other manufacturers. This innovation minimises hand tremors and muscle stress, giving you more stability and control when placing restorations.