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Linda Greenwall examines what makes the new SDI Luna 2 and Luna Flow stand out in the composite market

Luna 2 Restorative
Today’s composite market is overflowing with products that deliver across key clinical needs.

While dentists are used to hearing the merits of compressive and flexural strength, aesthetics and handling, it can be difficult to see the real advantage of using one composite over another.

Often, the same types of challenges crop up with composites too, forcing dentists to compromise based on what’s most important to the case at hand.

Meeting clinical challenges

All this makes it especially interesting to discover what’s new in SDI’s recently launched composites, which are based specifically on feedback from clinicians.

SDI Luna 2 and Luna Flow are new entrants to the market and are designed to answer some of the common issues faced.

Most notably, the Luna 2 range delivers flexural and compressive strength without compromising on either.

This, along with its chemical structure, which allows clinicians to polish and finish in significantly less time, signifies a new material that is set to break down some of the conventional barriers to composite use and streamline workflows.

Luna 2 is an advancement on SDI’s original Luna formulation, with key differences being its improved radiopacity and its BPA free formula, making it ideal for health-conscious patients.

Luna Flow offers a regular flowable option able to meet the needs of clinicians treating a wide range of cases. Being thixotropic, it flows on demand, holds its shape and does not string. For clinical situations when more flow is needed, a low viscosity version is also offered – Luna Flow LV.

Dr Linda Greenwall

Dr Linda Greenwall

Luna 2 and Luna Flow go further than other composite materials in terms of improved handling, radiopacity, polishability, and shade matching. Shade formulations prioritize Vita shades values (amount of lightness), resulting in easy matching and seamless restorations. Fillers’ size and distribution ensure excellent mechanical properties, quick polish and outstanding long-lasting shine.

Specialist restorative dentist Dr Linda Greenwall has already used Luna 2 and Luna Flow and talks through her direct experience of the materials, focusing on the way they deliver the excellence she demands across three key areas.

1. Strength without compromise

‘We use composites in our practice every day, and we always look first to beauty and function when choosing our materials.

‘That, and how it polishes up to give the aesthetic results we demand, are two of the key things I look for in a composite.

‘It’s very difficult to find just one composite that offers all these things in equal measure to use them across a range of applications.

‘Some have the strength, and others have the aesthetics, but often not both.

‘Luna 2 and Luna Flow bring these things together.

‘They are beautiful materials with a strong chemical structure, so patients can expect a lifelike restoration and long-lasting results.

‘The improved shade matching with Luna 2 and Luna Flow also allows us to use them in the vast majority of restorative cases.

‘With seven universal shades, opaques, incisal and two bleach shades – all matched to the Vita shade guide, I have the flexibility to create restorations that look natural regardless of the light, giving patients a terrific result.’

2. Sculping beautiful restorations quickly

‘There are tangible benefits to having a composite that is also easy to place and quick to finish.

‘This enables us to work faster and more efficiently, as well as giving patients a better experience during the procedure and a better outcome afterwards.

‘The ease of handling for Luna 2 is a real timesaver and means less chair time for patients.

‘Both Luna 2 and Luna Flow sculpt nicely with the exact consistency needed, which is vital – there is no slumping and the material stays where you put it.

‘It can be shaped and sculpted very easily, which enables us to do beautiful smiles quickly.

‘The polishing is very quick. In the past, we used to spend hours polishing to get the lustre and the shape just right, but Luna 2 and Luna Flow are very shiny, just as we want.’

3. An improved workflow

‘We’ve already identified nearly 20 ways to use Luna 2 and Luna Flow in our practice because together they cover the vast majority of our restorative cases.

‘Sometimes a complex case can take hours, but Luna 2 and Luna Flow’s aesthetics, great handling properties and easy sculptability speed up the clinical time without compromise.

This advancement in material technology helps to smooth out our workflow by reducing the time spent on complex cases when it can take hours to get things right.

‘With a faster clinical and curing time, Luna 2 and Luna Flow benefit our practice in all the ways that count.’