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For restorative dentists there’re a multitude of different composite materials constantly arriving on the market, all offering improved physical characteristics such as bond strength and polishability, and aesthetic properties including chroma and translucency, over the last.


It can make dentists wonder which way to turn when it comes to the choice of handling characteristics, shading and longevity of the final restoration – making it feel more of an artistic academic guessing game than a routine dental procedure.

Taking the guesswork out of restorative materials is something of a ‘Holy Grail’ for manufacturers and dental professionals alike, searching for a composite material that combines strength, stability and high aesthetics with ease of use. Above all else is the successful shade matching of the final restoration to match the colour of the teeth using the most simplified system of dentine and enamel shades.


Unique morphology
The continuous development of composites has made way for a modern microfill in combination with a high strength nanohybrid in the form of SDI’s aura, offering clinicians the opportunity to work with a material that combines a low shrinkage resin composition, together with a unique morphology of ultra-high density (UHD) filler.

Universal restorative systems such as aura can help remove the guesswork from finding the right shade for posterior and anterior restorations, with its unique linear and scientific colour arrangement that brings predictability and simplicity to customising shades.

Working with a dentine shade that’s made up of a nano-hybrid composite based on a single opacity and single hue, enables clinicians to match the dentine chroma shade to the dentine and the gingival/cervical region whilst contour and shape without slumping or sticking to instruments. Choosing from aura’s three microfilled enamel shades, against the incisal edge of the neighbouring teeth, will ensure easy polishability to a mirror finish and high shine and gloss.


Achievable aesthetics
Modern microfills are revolutionising restorative dentistry with varieties to satisfy all clinical situations to achieve the most natural aesthetic results. Colour determination and colour matching for direct restorations is becoming simpler, faster, more reliable and more achievable, meaning shorter chair time, happier patients and satisfied clinicians.


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Michael Farrow is SDI European Sales Manager.

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