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Composites can be one of the most difficult materials clinicians work with in practice. However, gone are the days where we question whether a single composite can serve all purposes, as the past decade has seen advancements and increased clinical evidence in the success of universal composite systems.


Posterior or anterior, core build ups or indirect inlays, onlays and veneers, today’s universal composite systems allow clinicians to operate in a conservative manner whilst successfully delivering predictable, aesthetic restorations, easily and effectively, regardless of their position in mouth.


Easy handling
Modern universal composites can be easily sculpted and manipulated into their ideal position and finely brushed into thin margins, without slumping or sticking of the instrument to the composite.

The combination of a low shrinkage resin composition with a unique morphology of ultra high density (UHD) filler, as found in aura eASY, provides the exceptional strength of a nano-hybrid composite that can withstand high compressive forces and is easy to polish.

Easy shade matching
Shape and surface texture are very important in the aesthetics of the final restoration, as is determining the correct shade. The complex optical properties of a tooth mean that it’s important to keep in mind that the human eye is more sensitive to the “value” of a restoration, one that is too light or too dark, as opposed to one that is “off” in saturation or tone.

Universal restorative systems such as aura eASY can help remove the guesswork from finding the right shade for posterior and anterior restorations. Choosing from just four chameleon shades which accurately match eight of the most popular VITA shades, the result will be restorations that are tough and robust together with a high shine and gloss.


Restorations that stand the test of time
With the new aura eASY Universal Restorative System, clinicians can now work with a composite with a 3mm depth of cure that meets every day requirements to complete any aesthetic restorations in the anterior region, as well as durable restorations in the posterior region.

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Michael Farrow is SDI European Sales Manager.

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