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Having a workflow that’s seamless and provides excellent results is the aim of any dental professional. Everyone has their own preferred way of working, which is why proven, versatile tools are the biggest advantage any dentist can have.

A reliable composite system that complements a dentist’s workflow is perhaps one of the most integral parts of day-to-day dentistry. SDI Luna has been designed to offer the superior benefits you would expect from a nanohybrid composite, including high flexural strength and a natural appearance, with the versatility to enhance workflows for both anterior and posterior restorations.

Solving everyday challenges

Dr Jati HeerThere’s nothing more compelling than seeing real-world results, which was demonstrated by Dr Jati Heer as he talked us through the ways Luna enhances his workflow in a recent edition of Dentistry, available to read online now.

The article offers insights into the merits of using SDI products as one go-to system where everything is made to go together, now further enhanced by Luna’s versatility and the reliable results it provides for any size or type of restoration.

Dr Heer also explains the array of benefits Luna offers, from its 13 shades based on the universal shade guide to its creamy consistency which makes it easy to sculpt without sticking to instruments. These are the things that can make a difference when dealing with multiple restorations on a weekly, or even a daily basis.

As Dr Jati Heer summarises in the article, “If I had to run my practice on one composite system, Luna would be my choice, because it doesn’t have any limitations.”

See Luna in action

SDI LUNATo get a closer look at how Luna’s clinical benefits elevate real cases, Dr Heer’s case study into the restoration of recurrent caries in a restored maxillary premolar provides a deep dive into the composite in action.

Used in combination with Aura Flow, the case study walks us through how Luna can be used in the context of an entire workflow to solve a persistent problem, reduce the risk of further tooth damage and preserve the tooth as much as clinically possible.

To see just how effective Luna is in solving an everyday restorative challenge, read Dr Jati Heer’s Restoration of recurrent caries affecting a restored maxillary premolar using Aura Flow® and Luna® composite case study now.

Try Luna for yourself

The composite market is flooded with different options, and as Dr Heer points out, finding the workflow that suits your preferred approach is the key. With technology moving along at a pace, there is always a new composite to try, and by trialling them, you can get a feel first-hand of whether they are complementary to your workflow.

SDI Luna is proven in its strength, superior aesthetics and as an advanced nanohybrid composite, it’s effective in both posterior and anterior restorations.

Try SDI Luna and Aura restorative products for yourself by checking out our latest special offers.

Watch the latest SDI case study

Discover the latest insights in SDI full composite range in Dr Jati’s recent case study of SDI Aura Bulkfill and Riva Self Cure in the restoration of an extensively fractured mandibular first molar.