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When it comes to patient-centred, minimally invasive and preventative dentistry there is now a choice of extremely strong, mercury-free glass ionomer restoratives, tough enough to resist surface indentation and withstand substantial mechanical loads.

SDI is leading the way in bulk fill glass hybrid restorative systems thanks to SDI’s proprietary ionglass filler – a high ion-releasing, radiopaque, bioactive glass that remineralises and prevents secondary caries formation. ionglass technology mimics the natural tooth structure, ensuring restorations will withstand long term mastication forces while guaranteeing exceptional wear resistance.

Riva Self Cure containing ionglass filler is a self-curing tooth remineralising glass ionomer restorative material ideally suited for minimally invasive dentistry, bulk fill and radiopacity. With excellent tooth adhesion and fluoride release, Riva Self Cure can withstand high penetration of the surface, and being resin-free, does away with the problem of volumetric shrinkage after curing.

Riva Light Cure, also containing ionglass filler, is a radiopaque, resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative material that replaces dentine and chemically bonds to the tooth structure. No etching or adhesive is required, significantly reducing the risk of sensitivity.

Thanks to the ionglass biomimetic technology Riva Light Cure mimics not only dentine’s hydrophilic characteristic but also mimics the translucency and opacity of dentine and enamel for highly aesthetic and long-lasting restorations.

Riva Self Cure and Riva Light Cure – now with Easy Activation Capsule Technology

As a result of over 50 years of leading dental research, SDI has now made the preparation of restorations even easier thanks to the introduction of SDI’s innovative Easy Activation technology. This makes it 70% easier for clinicians to press down and activate Riva glass ionomer capsules during restorative surgical procedures.

Now available in all Riva Self Cure and Riva Light Cure products, Riva Easy Activation Capsules makes restoration preparation simpler, faster and more comfortable for patients and clinicians alike. Easy activation capsules are 70% easier to extrude than glass hybrid and glass ionomer capsules from other manufacturers while minimising hand and muscle strain in surgery, giving clinicians heightened stability and control when placing restorations.

To see just how simple Riva’s Easy Activation Capsules are to use watch SDI’s latest video available here.


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