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SDI radii xpertAny dentist knows that the right tools can make all the difference to day-to-day work. It’s true that there’s no shortage of options when choosing your go-to curing light, but certain features can make all the difference to you and your patients, and that can only mean good things for your practice overall.

The Radii Xpert Professional LED Curing Light has been designed to hit all the right notes in terms of ergonomics, clinical benefits, and ease of use. Here’s everything you need to know.

The look and feel

We know that muscle soreness and strain can be a real issue when you’re working with a patient. As an important tool within your practice, you need to feel comfortable holding and working with your curing light throughout the day. So how does ergonomics play a crucial part in Radii Xpert’s design?

  • Easy access to all quadrants: A small, 360-degree rotating head gives you comfortable access to all quadrants, even for patients with limited opening.
  • Minimises arm and muscle fatigue: It has a slim, ergonomic design that can be easily held in a pencil or pistol grip at the correct perpendicular angle.
  • Ease of use: An easy-to-read LCD display with countdown timer.

Clinical benefits

There’s something to be said for a versatile, reliable curing light that can work in any situation. Getting an optimal cure every time, regardless of depth or type of composite used is the key. Part of this, of course, comes down to the ergonomics as the right grip and angle allow you to work more efficiently, but there are other innovative features that can ensure consistent, quality results.

The Radii Xpert’s collimated light enables you to cure composites including larger areas that need a deep cure. At the same time, it minimises the risk of pulp damage by reducing the amount of heat emitted. Here’s a rundown of the way this all works:

  • Reliable, consistent cure for restorations of all sizes. Precision curing that only starts when the light is in position so the collimated beam with consistent light intensity reaches all depths and cures evenly.
  • Versatile enough for all composites. There’s no need for a polywave light as the Radii Xpert has a light intensity that can cure all commercially available composites.
  • Low heat avoids any risk of pulp tissue damage. The inbuilt heat management function keeps the heat level low, reducing any risk of pulp damage or overheating of the unit, as well as maintaining the life of the LED.

Consistent light intensity

Radii Xpert has better performance due to the light intensity remaining consistent over clinically relevant distances.

The consistent intensity ensures light will penetrate the underlying restorative with limited drop off, giving you the confidence of a full cure to the depth of a restoration.

Special features

The Radii Xpert makes procedures more comfortable for you and your patient. It’s built to operate efficiently and effectively across all types of restorations and composite materials. So, what else is there to note? If you’re feeling curious about the technical bits, there’s more.

Extra benefits include the option to add interchangeable attachments, heat emissions are controlled by smart pulse technology and there’s an integral intensity indicator so there’s no need for an additional meter to monitor output.

What the experts say

“Your curing light is vitally important to your dentistry and your practice. You need several things in a curing light. The Radii Xpert by SDI has all of those things. It gives you functionality and flexibility for everyday use.”
Dr Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD.
Dental Economics, United States, November 2020.

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