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A universal nanohybrid composite that acts and looks like natural teeth

When a tooth is compromised and its natural defence of enamel and dentin has broken down, it needs a composite restoration which acts and looks as much as possible like the biological materials it is replacing.

Material science has come a long way in mimicking the flexural strength and durability of real teeth, as well as their opalescent and fluorescent appearance. A material that represents a culmination of this research and development is SDI Luna – a new generation universal nanohybrid composite that looks and acts like natural teeth.


Luna has high flexural strength (136 Mpa), which means it can withstand the forces exerted on teeth in stress-bearing situations, such as in Class I and II restorations. It contains micron particles which give it this flexural strength and durability.

Luna also has a filler load of 77% by weight. Strontium glass filler in combination with the carefully selected filler loading delivers high compressive strength to increase the longevity of restorations.


Luna is a hybrid of micron particles and nano particles, the latter of which endow it with an enduringly smooth, polishable surface. Its opalescence and fluorescence give it a realistic look that mimics natural teeth and it has chameleon properties that take on the shade of surrounding teeth to blend in seamlessly.

Ideal for all restorations

Luna has a creamy consistency which doesn’t stick to instruments, slump or pull back. It is therefore easy to layer without voids and can be sculpted to create any morphology required.

It gives great flexibility as it’s available in 13 universal shades, plus other specialty shades, including Dentin, Bleach, Extra Bleach and Incisal shades.

It also has a radiopacity higher than dentin, which means that restoration margins are clearly visible on radiographs so that voids and secondary caries can be detected easily and quickly.

When nature breaks down, we turn to the latest science to help. For composite restorations in any area of the mouth, SDI Luna is all the help you need!


Try SDI Luna for yourself by checking out our special offers. To find out more about SDI Luna’s clinical applications, call 07970 156 178, email [email protected] or visit

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