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aura Case Study – Dr Clarence Tam, Tam Dental Group, Auckland, New Zealand

This 72-year-old male patient’s restoration on 35DO suffered marginal failure and recurrent caries.


Diagnosis and treatment plan

The wide-box Class II marginal ridge was eASY-ly reconstructed with the Triodent V3 system (Dentsply Sirona) before layering the occlusal aspect with a single shade of aura eASY Ae2.

To simplify everyday restorative procedures, SDI has created aura eASY, a non-sticky, itching-to-blend, nanohybrid composite that is cleverly cloud-shaded into 4 eASY groups, which cover the gamut of VITA shades. These value-based tabs not only minimise your composite armamentarium; the composite is a true chameleon with strength to boot. The use of Ultra High Density Fillers (UHDFs) allows a reduced polymerisation shrinkage, and featuring a compressive strength of 374MPa, it mimics very closely the compressive strength of enamel (384MPa) and exceeds that of dentin (297MPa). Paired with excellent polishability, there is very little this brilliant composite cannot do.

aura eASY allows you to produce exceptional aesthetics for your day-to-day dental needs with just four shades that do it all. aura eASY meets the necessary requirements to complete almost all highly aesthetic restorations in the anterior region, as well as durable restorations in the posterior region. The colour matching system follows the natural colouring of the tooth, making the aura system simple, fast and reliable.

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