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First published in Dental Product Shopper, US dentists evaluate SDI Luna, the latest nanohybrid composite with excellent aesthetics and strength ideally suited for anterior and posterior restorations alike.

SDI Luna product evaluation by Dental Product Shopper Whether it’s a universal or flowable, a nanohybrid or glass ionomer, a bulk-fill or core build-up, there is a plethora of direct restorative materials from which dentists can choose to resolve nearly any clinical situation. Yet, as the science behind composite materials improves at an amazing rate, dentists are challenged to try state-of-the-art materials and learn new restorative techniques to improve their dentistry.

“There are constant changes and improvements in composite materials,” said Dr Andrew Mogelof, who believes it is imperative to stay up to date on the latest and greatest materials in dentistry. By trying something new, dentists may find that a composite or material outperforms a product they have been using for years.

Dr Mogelof was one of several clinicians that Dental Product Shopper asked to evaluate Luna, SDI’s nanohybrid composite, in their practices. After several weeks of use, he was thrilled to discover that Luna “has improved attributes over my present composite, most notably increased strength, better colour matching properties, and easy handling.” He encourages “other restorative dentists to consider this excellent material” because of its “excellent chameleon effect, great handling properties, and higher compressive strength.”

Dispensing, versatility and strength

Available in 4g syringes or 0.25g complets, Luna nanohybrid composite is indicated for direct anterior/posterior restorations and veneers; core build-ups; indirect inlays, onlays, and veneers; splinting; and composite and porcelain repair. SDI says Luna has a radiopacity level higher than dentin, which ensures clear visibility of margins on radiographs for quick and confident diagnosis.

“I love how easy it is to dispense,” said Shohreh Sharif, DDS. “It made the process of filling and bonding much easier due to less pressure on the hands and fingers.” Noting that he was pleasantly surprised with Luna’s performance, Dr Ophir Alalouf said, “This material is versatile and can be used everywhere,” and Dr Mogelof agreed that Luna “is versatile to use for a variety of procedures.”

With high flexural and compressive strengths, Luna is suitable to use in stress bearing areas and results in long-lasting restorations. Dr Mogelof called it a high-strength composite, and Dr Sharif said, “It felt strong after it was cured.” When compared to his previous composite, Dr Bennie Clark said Luna held up well. He called it “a great advance in the composite line,” and added, “We used this composite for 70 to 80 restorations, and it performed really well.”

Handling and consistency

According to SDI, the material will not stick to instruments and does not slump, and the creamy consistency combined with firm packability enable easy layering without voids.

“Luna has good handling characteristics and is easy to work with,” said Mike Glasmeier, DMD. Dr James Kakos praised its “non-sticky handling characteristics that I found better than other brands,” while Dr Christina Do reported some stickiness, which was resolved when she added a bonding agent to her instrument.

“The ease of placement with no sticking to instruments is a very critical attribute of this product,” concluded Dr Paul Trombly, who added, “It’s easy to manipulate, easily packable, and condensable.”

Dr Sharif agreed that Luna was easy to manipulate while packing the cavity, and Dr Aaron Goodman said, “It handles well. It seems accurate and holds its shape well.” While he appreciated Luna’s flowability for anterior teeth, Dr Kent Caserta suggested it could be a little stiffer for posterior teeth, and Dr Kakos said it seemed just a bit too soft for packability. “It is a very nice handling composite that makes placing material into the prep easier,” noted Ashur Joseph, DMD.

SDI LUNAAesthetics

Luna’s extensive shade range includes 13 universal shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, D2, and D3) and several specialty shades (OA2, OA3, OA3.5, bleach, extra bleach, and incisal). According to SDI, Luna displays a chameleon effect, enabling it to take on the shade of the surrounding tooth, and has optimal translucency and fluorescence for natural-looking restorations.

“This product has great colour match in the anterior and posterior,” said Dr Clark. “The composite shades were spot-on when we did anterior restorations.” Dr Alalouf shared, “I built up peg laterals with beautiful colour match,” and Dr Kipp Klein said Luna has a great chameleon effect, blends in very well, looks like natural tooth, and polishes very nicely. Dr Glasmeir agreed that it “polishes well” and is “not time-consuming to finish.” Dr Do suggested that SDI add more colour shades in the future.

Overall satisfaction

In addition to impressing dentists with its great handling properties, aesthetics, and strength, Luna has made an impact on patients as well. “The restorations looked great and my patients left my office very happy with their new restorations,” Dr Klein reported.

Enthusiastic about using Luna in the future and recommending it to colleagues, Dr Mogelof stated, “Luna has given me more confidence that I can match colour and that it will stand up over time.”


To find out more about SDI Luna’s clinical applications, call 07970 156 178 or email [email protected].

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