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The key with any universal composite is that it delivers on the essential areas needed to make it results-driven and aesthetic in a variety of situations. Every clinician has their favourite go-to composite, but the question is, are there better options out there?

SDI’s Aura Bulk Fill nanohybrid composite has a fill, pack, and go message, with one universal shade and up to a 5mm depth of cure. But how does this stand up in a clinical setting when routinely used by a general practitioner? We visit Dr Jati Heer’s latest article in The Probe magazine and his accompanying SDI podcast to dig deeper.

Hailed for its durability

Finding a composite that offers the mechanical strength and durability needed for posterior restorations gives clinicians the ultimate confidence that it will stand the test of time.

Aura Bulk Fill delivers on this, and more, with low volumetric shrinkage, excellent flexural strength and high compressive strength. According to Jatinder, “I would definitely recommend Aura Bulk Fill to colleagues, especially to fellow GDPs who deal with posterior restorations daily – simply because it’s so reliable. I was told some time ago that Aura Bulk Fill would prove to be a good alternative to amalgam and that’s how I see it – a highly durable material that goes the distance.”

Supreme handling guaranteed

While a restoration that lasts undeniably keeps both patient and clinician happy, there’s also the matter of the procedure itself and how easy it is to handle and place the composite. This not only ties in with the comfort levels for the patient while in the chair but a better experience for the clinician too.

In his SDI podcast, Jatinder talks about the benefits of Aura Bulk Fill’s non-sticky consistency, “some composites have a crumbly texture and you worry that will cause of poor adaptation of the material. With Aura Bulk Fill, its viscosity is such that that doesn’t pose a problem. I can inject it right where I need it and it adapts really easily.”

All this equates to a streamlined process that delivers excellent handling and polishing properties for easy placement within minutes.

Aesthetic results every time

Most clinicians would agree that the properties needed for a universal composite include a natural-looking finish. For posterior restorations, there are also advantages to having one universal shade, because it simplifies clinical procedures.

“My patients have always been very happy with the aesthetic results. A universal shade simplifies your clinical protocol, which is really important, and keeping things as simple as possible reduces the chance of problems further down the line.”

Try for yourself

To try Aura Bulk Fill for yourself and to see the range of great special offers across the Aura universal restorative system visit our special offers page.